HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It’s been nearly a week since Governor Ivey’s stay at home order was lifted for businesses like salons, gyms and restaurants. But some places have had to re-adjust operations to make things safer for their customers.

“Honestly, it’s been relatively seamless,” said Humphrey’s Bar and Grill Front House Manager Weghata Tewolde.

This is the first weekend many restaurants like Humphrey’s are able to seat people in their dining areas. The restaurant posted signs to remind patrons about social distancing guidelines.

Since reopening with on-site dining, Humphrey’s has brought back the majority of its furloughed employees.

“We just found ways to make it work,” Tewolde said. “Just giving people random tasks whatever, they can do to keep themselves busy so they can make money. “

Sanitation has become the popular downtown destination’s top priority.

“We’re sanitizing the bathrooms every 30 minutes. We’re all wearing face masks while we’re here in case you guys are wearing gloves,” Tewolde said. “Just really taking every precaution possible.”

Unlike some restaurants, Humphrey’s has the same capacity for its outdoor patio as it does indoors.

“We have a capacity of 62 inside and 62 outside as of right now,” Tewolde explained. “Generally it’s 125 indoor and 125 outdoor.”

During the day, the popular bar and grill isn’t reaching capacity. However, the manager said foot traffic normally picks up at night and the staff has implemented additional safety and security measures.

“We have security on the weekends for the nights on which that would potentially happen,” said Tewolde. “They’re able to kind of keep headcounts, kind of space things out appropriately not allowing too many people in at one time.”

The manager said it may feel a little emptier in the restaurant for the moment, but things will pick back up sooner than later.