HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- STAC Agent Billy Clardy was killed during a narcotics operation at a home on Levert Street last December. When asked about Clardy, Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurray referred to him as a servant. His father, Billy Clardy Jr. was also a Huntsville police officer who died in the line of duty in 1978.

Days after Clardy’s passing, his cousin, twenty-one-year-old Lauren Clardy wrote the song “Keep Them Safe” as a tribute to officer Clardy and other officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

“I have a lot of family who are police officers, like so many of us do… but the day that that happened… you never think it’s going to be me, so it hit really close to home,” said Lauren Clardy.

Part of the lyrics read, “May we never take for granted the dangers that they face.”

She says she wrote the song as a reminder to people that officers are risking their lives daily.

“All of our officers give a lot every day but there are some like Billy Clardy and others who went above and beyond. Let them know you love them because you never know when they won’t come home at the end of the day,” said Clardy.

She says when the song was posted online several people from across the country reached out to her.

“A lot of people saying my family, my dad was a police officer. I had some who said that their friend was recently killed in the line of duty,” said Clardy.

Proving to her, that music brings people together and can bring healing.

Officer Clardy will have his name etched on a brick at the Fallen Officer Memorial in Huntsville. It will be placed underneath his father’s brick at the memorial.