HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville Hospital is making it easier to for caregivers to get information about patients admitted to the hospital. Each hospital in the system will follow these new guidelines.

Patients are going to be able to have a support person or caregiver with them in the hospital and some new processes are going to be put in place for better communication about care.

In order to do so, there are guidelines for your support person/caregiver.

  • All support persons/caregivers must be 16 years of age and older.
  • All support persons/caregivers will be screened for fever/temperature.
  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness will not be allowed in our facility.
  • All support persons/caregivers must wear a mask or appropriate face covering, must observe social distancing and must sanitize their hands frequently.

Password protection

Upon admission, the patient will provide a password so that communication can take place between the hospital staff and family members. This password is used for identification during the hospitalization.

Supporting an adult patient

A point of contact (family member or caregiver age 16 and over) and a support plan are established upon admission. The point of contact will be communicated with, at a minimum of once daily, if desired.

For non COVID-19 patients, one (1) support person is allowed.

Adult surgery patients who stay overnight may have one (1) person after the patient is in their room.

End-of-life care. One to 2 persons are allowed to support the patient during end-of-life care. If supporting a COVID-19 patient, thorough education on risk and Personal Protective Equipment is required.

Supporting a pediatric patient

If you are supporting a patient in the Pediatrics Unit, Pediatric ICU, and Pediatric Emergency Department or in the Neonatal ICU, please observe the following guidelines:

  • All persons are screened at the front entrance of Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children.
  • For non Covid-19 pediatric patients, two (2) parents/caregivers are able to support the child with only one (1) person at the bedside.
  • Pediatric patients having surgery may be escorted with their parents into Pre-op, return to their vehicle for the procedure, and then called back to recovery when the surgery is completed.

Supporting a patient in Mother-Baby, Labor & Delivery, Antepartum & the OB Emergency Department

  • All persons are screened at the front entrance of Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children.
  • For Non Covid-19 patients, one (1) support person is allowed per patient.