The City Center Market rent-by-the-hour commercial kitchen is OPEN!

Details on fees and how to register to use it are here:

The 800 square foot commercial kitchen is outfitted with the major equipment and facilities to support food entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses and enhance our food culture. Amenities include:

  • 6-burner gas stove and ovens
  • Stock pot range
  • Bakers’ depth convection ovens
  • Proofing/warming boxes
  • Meat Slicer
  • 30-qt. commercial stand mixer
  • Large-capacity food processor
  • Large-capacity ice maker
  • Short and long-term refrigeration and freezer space
  • Lockable dry storage
  • Ample work and dish-washing space

This commercial production facility can:

  • Provide growth opportunities to start-up small businesses by lowering cost barriers.
  • Provide a space for nutrition education and training for the public.
  • Expand opportunities for farmers to create value-added products and extend the availability of fruits and vegetables beyond traditional harvest seasons.
  • Complement retail opportunities at the farmers market.
  • Provide a base of operations for caterers, food trucks, feeding programs, and meal prep/delivery businesses.

For scheduling and use information first check resources posted online:

Contact Jennie Williamson Pezé at 843-665-2047