BPD Public Safety Advisory: As the citizens of Boston continue to follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many are becoming increasingly reliant on take-out food from local restaurants and eateries, resulting in more delivery drivers on our roads and in our neighborhoods. As a public safety reminder, the Boston Police Department is advising all delivery drivers to exercise caution while fulfilling these orders. The following tips can help reduce the chances of becoming a robbery victim:

  • Drivers should limit the amount of cash on hand

  • Credit cards should be used for all delivery sales whenever possible

  • For business owners taking the order, advise the caller/customer that for the health and safety of the driver, to meet the driver outside of their building or dwelling

  • Always ask for a customer call back number and verify the number prior to delivery

  • Prior to delivery, instruct the driver to utilize the call back number to confirm the delivery and be sure to meet outside, in a well-lit location