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BPD in the Community: District B-2  (Roxbury) Community Service Office partnered with the Alpha & Omega athletic wear store to reward students who have excelled academically or have displayed significant improvement in their academics by the end of the semester. Each student who was selected received a gift bag containing a pair of sneakers and apparel from their store. The SneakerED Initiative is a combination of the words sneaker and education. Their slogan is "You Get the Grades, We Got the Kicks"

The Alpha & Omega athletic wear store owned by the Kim Family, has been a staple in the Roxbury community since 1977 and unfortunately have officially closed their doors this past August. Mr. Kim and the Kim family wanted to continue in their philanthropic efforts by awarding the youth of Roxbury with sneakers and apparel from their warehouse.

SneakerED partnered with 10 Boston Public Schools and chose 10 students per school for a total of 100 students. 

The participating schools were:

Nathan Hale Elementary School

Dr. Haynes Early Education Center

Higginson K0-K2

King School K-8

Trotter School K-8


EMK High School

Fenway High School

Lila Frederick Pilot Middle School

Winthrop Elementary

Thank you Alpha and Omega and the Kim family for your continued generosity!