At about 11:47 AM on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, officers assigned to District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to a radio call for a panic alarm in the area of 140 Harvard Street (Mini Mart) in Dorchester. Officers arrived on scene and observed the store to be closed with the lights off and the front door secured. Officers remained on scene and were met by an employee who was able to sprint toward the door to unlock it and let the officers inside. The employee directed officers’ attention to the cash register where they observed a female walking away from the register with an item in her hands resembling a firearm. The female raised the object and pointed it at the officers, while yelling and retreating towards the cash register. Believing the female to be in possession of a firearm, the officers in turn, drew their weapons and demanded the female drop the item in her hands to which she refused. The female refused to comply with dozens of commands from the officers to drop the item in her hands. Officers were eventually able to determine the item to be a black handheld lighter and moved toward the female to place her into custody.

Officers spoke with the victim who stated the female had entered the store looking to purchase a pack of cigarettes but she did not have enough money. The victim stated the female became aggressive and forced her way behind the counter where she attempted to take cigarettes and lottery tickets before demanding the victim to open the register. The victim stated the female shoved him and spit on him before he alerted officers.

Upon securing the female, she entered an extremely irate state of mind causing her to be unable to communicate with the officers while making both homicidal and suicidal statements. Officers immediately requested Boston EMS to respond to the scene. During transport to the hospital, the female made multiple statements to the officers stating that she wanted them to shoot her while acknowledging that she was purposely holding the lighter to resemble a firearm.

As the ambulance arrived at the hospital, the female stated she would not cooperate with the staff and that she was going to try to fight anyone at the hospital who was providing treatment to her. The female kept her word and refused to interact with the hospital staff.

The female remains under the care of the hospital and when officers are able to ascertain her identity, she will be issued a summons to appear in Dorchester District Court.