Helpful Tips for Preventing Car Break-ins: The BPD would like to take this opportunity to remind community members to take an extra second or two to safeguard valuables inside their car. As simple as it may sound, protecting your motor vehicle from a break-in starts with locking the doors. Simple? Yes. But, highly effective. In fact, simple steps can often spell the difference between your car being broken into and the would-be thief moving on to another, more desirable target. More than anything else, thieves look for the easy score. So, don’t make it easy for them. If you have items of value, take them with you when you exit your car. Because if a thief can see it, you can be certain he or she’s gonna try their best to steal it.  

Valuable items include:

·      Cell phones

·      Cell phone chargers

·      Money

·      Loose change

·      A purse, wallet, briefcase or backpack

·      iPad or laptop computer

·      Shopping bags 

While there’s no way to fully prevent a thief from breaking into your vehicle, there are steps that help. With that thought in mind, BPD is encouraging community members to check out the common-sense prevention steps listed below in hopes of making your car a much less attractive target.

Don’t leave valuables in your car, especially, where others can see them. Valuable items, such as your laptop, tablet, etc. should never be left in the front or back seat of your vehicle. If a thief can see it, he’s gonna try to steal it. So, always take your valuables with you, or, put them in the trunk.

Lock your doors and windows. Even if your window is only slightly open, it makes your car an easier target for thieves.

Replace your standard door lock buttons with tapered ones. Tapered door lock buttons make it more difficult and challenging for a thief to hook a wire or device onto the door lock button to pop it open.

If you observe any unusual activity or observe a car theft or a break-in, call 911.