New York’s Health Care Distribution Sites Have Administered 75 Percent of Doses Received from Federal Government.

Over 7 Million New Yorkers Are Currently Eligible but the State Only Receives 300K/Week From the Federal Government.

All Vaccines Are By Appointment Only; Appointment Scheduling for Second Dose Occurs Immediately Following First Dose.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today updated New Yorkers on the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine after the first four weeks of availability for non-long term care facilities. The State’s vaccine supply is determined by the federal government, and although over 7 million New Yorkers are now eligible for the COVID vaccine, the state only receives 300,000 doses per week from the federal government. To date, New York’s health care distribution sites have administered 75 percent of doses received from the federal government.

Due to the federal government’s limited allocation, appointments have filled up quickly. New Yorkers are being urged to call your local health department, pharmacy, doctor or hospital for additional information and to schedule appointments. To determine eligibility and schedule an appointment at a state-run mass vaccination site, visit the ‘Am I Eligible’ website.

“New York is working around the clock to get needles in arms quickly and efficiently, but we are being constrained by the federal government – they increased eligibility, but never increased supply,” Governor Cuomo said. “What they did was like opening the floodgates of eligibility. Now, 7 million New Yorkers are eligible, but we are still only receiving about 300,000 doses a week. Even worse, we actually got less doses this week at about 250,000. New York has done its part and now has one of the most expansive distribution networks to actually conduct the vaccinations and it’s time for the federal government to do theirs and actually increase the supply. If they don’t, it will only lengthen the amount of time it will take to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.”