Gun Arrest 5-10-21.JPG

About 5:37 PM, on Monday, 05/10/2021, officers conducted a traffic stop at Gaston Street and Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury (Area B-2) which led to a firearm arrest of a juvenile male.

Officers while in the area of Blue Hill Avenue and Gaston Street observed and conducted a query of a motor vehicle which informed officers that the motor vehicle's registration was expired. Officers proceeded to conduct a traffic stop of the motor vehicle and activated their lights and sirens and spoke with the driver/registered owner, front seat passenger and back seat passenger. Officers explained the reason of the traffic stop and notified the driver that his motor vehicle's registration had been expired since 10/20/2020. Officers observed that the other two occupants were not wearing their seatbelts and proceeded to ask them for the identification.

Officers proceeded to conduct queries of the other two occupants which notified officers that the backseat passenger, a 14 year-old juvenile had a Felony Straight Warrant for Carjacking and Carrying a Firearm Without a License and Misdemeanor Default Warrant for Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle.

Officers placed the 14 year-old juvenile under arrest without incident. While conducting a search of the juvenile, officers recovered a Taurus G2C 9MM loaded with 9 Rounds of ammunition in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber in the waistband of his sweatpants. Officers also recovered one P/B of Marijuana from the suspect.

The juvenile male will be charged with the following:  Delinquent to wit Possession of A Firearm; Delinquent to wit Possession of Ammunition; Delinquent to wit Possession of A Loaded Firearm; Possession Of Class D (Marijuana).