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At about 4:50 pm, on July 7, 2021, officers and detectives from Area B-2, conducted a motor vehicle stop for Violations of the Auto Laws and Firearms Offenses at 2815 Washington Street in Roxbury.

The operator of the motor vehicle produced his license and registration.  It was discovered that the operator was driving with a suspended license.  Detectives also noticed that the operator was shaking as he spoke and his breathing became heavy and pronounced. Detectives also observed a "fanny pack" slung around the operator’s neck. Detectives and Officers are aware that "fanny packs" have been used to conceal weapons in their experience.

As officers attempted to have the operator exit his vehicle, the operator turned the vehicle on and placed it into gear, officers and detectives attempted to prevent the suspect from fleeing and remove him from the vehicle. An officer was thrown to the ground, striking his head and causing scrapes to his knees and hands as the suspect drove away.

The suspect fled on Washington Street and took a left onto Elmore Street, then turned onto Mayfair Street, which is a dead end.  The suspect then abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot through the rear yards of MLK Blvd and Walnut Ave.

Detectives and Officers then began to search surrounding areas for the suspect.  A short time later, while on Walnut Ave., an officer observed the individual from the traffic stop and began to pursue him on foot after he began to flee upon seeing the officer.

The officer pursued the suspect into the rear of Harrishoff Street, jumping at least three different fences until ending up in the rear of Holworthy Street. The suspect then gave up running and was placed into custody. He was then transported to a local hospital for treatment to a small cut to his left hand.

During the foot pursuit, an officer injured both his left and right forearms, requiring stitches on his left forearm due to having to pursue the suspect over numerous fences. The officer was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Officers then conducted an Inventory search of the suspects’ vehicle and located a loaded Colt MK IV 1911 9mm firearm in the trunk. The firearm was later found to be loaded with 9 rounds in a 15 round magazine and none in the chamber.

Rahmses CASTILLO, 25, of Dorchester, will be charged with:

MGL c90s20 Inspection Sticker Violation

MGL c90s23 Operating a Motor Vehicle after Suspension

MGL c90s25 Failure to Submit to a Police Officer

MGL c265s15A Assault & Battery/Dangerous Weapon to wit Motor Vehicle

MGL c268s32B Resisting Arrest

MGL c266s120 Trespassing

MGL c269s10a Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

MGL c269s10n Carrying a Loaded Firearm Unlawfully

MGL c269s10h Unlawful Possession of Ammunition

MGL c269s10m Unlawful Possession Large Capacity Firearm

Rahmses Castillo will be arraigned in the Roxbury District Court.