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On Thursday September 2, 2021 the members of Boston Police Academy Recruit Class 61-21 received their white Guidon class flag, signifying their first achievement as a unified group. The white Guidon flag is symbolic in that it now identifies Class 61-21 when they are on recruit runs or marching in formation, carried by the class Guide at the front of the formation for all to see.

In a few weeks, Class 61-21 hopes to exchange their white flag for a blue one, signifying not only unity, but the cohesiveness, camaraderie, and responsibility that their class will carry with them throughout their careers. At graduation, their blue Guidon flag will take its place among previous recruit class flags proudly hanging in the halls of the Boston Police Academy. We congratulate the members of Class 61-21 on this noteworthy accomplishment as they continue on their journey to becoming Boston Police Officers.