The Boston Police Department would like to welcome incoming college students to the City of Boston.  To help ensure your safety while living in a city area, we would like to offer the following tips: 

·         Tour the campus during the day to familiarize yourself with the facilities and the locations of emergency phones.

·         Tell a friend or roommate where you’re going before venturing out.

·         Avoid leaving your electronics, school bag or other belongings unattended.

·         Report suspicious people or vehicles to the police. See something, say something.

·         Avoid walking alone especially at night & try to have someone with you.

·         Travel along well-lit paths rather than taking shortcuts through side streets and alleyways.

·         Be alert of your surroundings. Remove your headphones and secure your phone in your phone.

·         Keep your keys out when walking to your vehicle, dorm or apartment.

·         Lock all doors and windows when you’re sleeping or away from your room.

·         Never invite strangers into your apartment or residence hall.

·         Document the serial numbers on your electronics. Knowing these numbers could make the items easier to locate if stolen.

·         Lock apps on your cell phone in case it is stolen or lost to prevent unauthorized withdrawals or charges.

·         Only drink if you’re of legal age, and do so responsibly. Pour your own beverages, keep track of your glass and arrange for a designated driver or taxi to take you home.

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