Boston Police Detectives are investigating an unarmed robbery that occurred at about 2:30 AM on Saturday, August 7, 2021, in the area of 224 Tremont Street in Downtown Boston. The victim reported that he was in the area when he was surrounded by three unknown black male suspects, approximately in their 20’s. The victim reported that one of the males forcibly took his cellphone from his hand before fleeing the area on foot. Detectives stated that the suspect then returned to the crime scene and held up the stolen phone to the victim's face to unlock it with the ‘Face ID’ feature. The following day the victim discovered several of his financial accounts had been compromised, resulting in multiple fraudulent charges. 

This incident remains under investigation at this time.

The Boston Police are investigating several recent incidents in the Downtown area, which share some aspects with the above investigation. While you should always follow the BPD’s Tips for Ensuring Personal Safety, there are additional steps you can take when it comes to securing your sensitive data on your electronic devices should you find yourself the victim of a robbery.

 Tips for Securing Your Personal and Financial Data on Your Mobile Devices:

  • Lock Your Device with a Passcode: Utilizing a pin code every time you unlock your phone is the easiest way to keep your mobile data secure.

  • Shoulder Surfing: Be aware of your surroundings. Individuals may stand close by and watch as you enter passwords for applications. Many companies offer screen protectors that can obscure your screen from onlookers as you use your devices.

  • Avoid Automatic Logins: Don’t store your usernames and passwords on your device. Sign out of each application every time you are finished.

  • Make Sure to Enable Passcode Features on Any Financial Apps: Many online banking and credit card apps have a passcode feature that can be enabled. If possible, only utilize apps that offer this important feature.

  • If Your Phone is Stolen: Immediately secure your device remotely by enabling ‘Lost Mode’ or remotely wiping all data from the device.

  • Be sure to quickly change any passwords connected to the stolen device, noting that even apps that offer ‘Two Factor Authentication may be jeopardized as the thief likely will have access to both your email account and text messages.