At about 5:07 PM on Tuesday October 19, 2021, Ernest Fields, 37, of Mattapan, was taken into custody on numerous charges following a lengthy standoff in the area of Rotch Field in the South End. The incident began at about 9:41 AM when officers working a paid detail near Harrison Avenue and Randolph Street observed the suspect walking in the area of the Pine Street Inn. The officers were aware that the suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant on charges of Armed Robbery and Threats to Commit a Crime due to a recent “Boston Police Most Wanted List” posting on department social media platforms.

The officers requested additional units who quickly arrived on scene and attempted to stop the suspect who then pulled out a firearm from his jacket pocket as he walked away from the officers. The suspect continued walking while displaying the firearm in his right hand, ultimately walking onto Rotch Field as numerous people were actively playing lacrosse and soccer. The officers gave numerous verbal commands to the suspect to drop the weapon while attempting to de-escalate the volatile situation. During this exchange, the suspect made numerous threatening statements towards the officers.

The officers were able to safely and quickly escort the innocent parties on scene off of the playing field while additional BPD assets, including negotiators, SWAT Team members, K-9 units and BEST Team clinicians, arrived on scene and secured a perimeter.

After several tense hours of unsuccessful negotiations, members of the BPD SWAT Team engaged the armed suspect, deploying distractionary devices while striking him several times with less-lethal rounds, at which time he dropped his firearm and was placed in custody.

The firearm was later determined to be a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson M&P Shield handgun loaded with one round in the chamber and additional rounds in the magazine.

In addition to his outstanding warrant, the suspect has since been arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on charges of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Carrying a Loaded Firearm and Carrying a Loaded Firearm on School Grounds.

Said Superintendent-in-Chief Gregory Long, “I can’t say enough about the job our officers did today. It’s been a long day. The patience, the time they utilized, the restraint and the de-escalation tactics they used to turn an extremely dangerous situation into one with a peaceful ending, without serious injury to anyone, is incredible. It’s a tribute to their professionalism and the job they do every day.”