At about 9:20 PM on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, Officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force made an onsite firearm arrest of Jakeal UpChurch, 20, of Brockton in the area of 5 Orchard Street in Jamaica Plain

Officers were conducting an active gang and firearm investigation when they determined that UpChurch was possibly in possession of a firearm.  Officers were able to locate Upchurch at the above location.  As Officers approached, Upchurch dropped his phone and was able to be secured in handcuffs for Officers’ safety.  Officers noted that Upchurch repeatedly attempted to get an associate on the scene to close the trunk of the vehicle he was seen standing near at the time of the officer’s arrival.  Officers conducted a frisk of a bag located in the trunk and immediately felt a hard object, consistent with the shape of a firearm.  Officers were able to recover a loaded firearm from the bag and Upchurch was taken into custody without incident.

The firearm was determined to be Glock 43 9mm with one (1) round of 9mm ammunition in the chamber. The firearm also contained a Glock magazine containing nine (9) rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Upchurch is to be charged with Carrying a loaded firearm without a license, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.

Jakeal Upchurch is expected to be arraigned in West Roxbury District Court.