TACO TUESDAYS: Unlimited Tacos & Margaritas

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Reserve table by going to www.exploretock.com/basquiatsbottle

IMPORTANT: Selecting a ticket on eventbrite does NOT confirm your reservation. You must click the link to reserve a table.

Reservations can be made for 5:15pm, 7 or 7:15pm, and 9 & 9:15pm.

All reservations are for an hour and a half.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: We are offering the The Unlimited Experience at a discount of $30 per person to all reservations made for the 5:15pm time slot. Come early, the last unlimited special is served at 9:30pm.

After 9:30pm, all items are served a la carte.


Taco Tuesday is one of the best nights at Basquiat’s Bottle. The music, cocktails, vibe and food are always on point.

You do not have to order the Unlimited Experience but if you do it works like this:

  • $30 per person fo 5:15pm seating
  • $40 per person for 7 or 7:15pm and 9 or 9:15pm seatings
  • additional $10 per person for unlimited flavored margaritas. All flavors made in house from fresh squeezed juices. Choose from ginger, jalapeno, pineapple or hibiscus.
  • UNLIMITED TACOS FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. You can order up to 3 at a time. There are 4-5 different tacos to choose from. Yes, we do have vegetarian and vegan options. No, we do not serve pork.
  • BOTTLED MARGARITA. Enjoy classic margaritas all night. One liter bottled margarita served for every two guests at the table.